18th Century to 19th century PEWTER Signet ring with RAMPANT LION Cat Chiefs Crest MacKintosh clan

clan MacKintosh Crest Chiefs Cat LION RAMPANT with ring Signet PEWTER century 19th to Century 18th
I was told there are different Rampant Lions or Chief's Crests denoting different branches of connection to a royal family or to an important Scottish Clan, so this ring is Scottish that spoke English. Each clan branch has a different lion and motto in heraldry. Mottoes denote loyalty, strength, and faith, virtue, and courage of the family.

I found out the MacKintosh clan family crest and motto is, "NA BEAN DO'N CHAT GUN LAMHAINN." In English this translates to, "Touch not the cat but a glove." Or, Touch not the cat bota (without) a glove. This motto is a warning to those who would approach a fierce wildcat (implication, a MacKintosh...) in battle when his claws are unsheathed. (Or "ungloved." Seems unwise to me!)

I've had a lovely lady descendent from the The MacKintosh confirm that this antique signet ring is of the early MacKintosh Crest and motto. (Thank you for your wonderful information!) The MacKintosh clan was the head of an entire confederacy of clans around Inverness, Scotland....The whole of Clan Chattan depended on Clan MacKintosh for their protection, and so adopted their motto. This confederacy was (and to this day) called, "Clan Chattan." The MacKintosh were the primarly supporters of Robert Bruce I. For a millennia, the Bruces and MacKintoshes have been particularly loyal to one another. There's many other Surnames regarded as septs (sub-branches) of the MacKintosh clan, such as and including: Keir-Mackintosh, Grey, Steele, ect. A guess of mine might be that someone likely owned this crest with a higher ranking, with a "G" last name, Grey? In all, this is a fabulous ring!

Lucky for the new owner to be, I'm a purist. So, I have not cleaned away any tarnish or cleaned off the old scarlet sealing wax embedded in the fine embossing. (The close-up photo was so close-up that the red is actually much less apparent in person!) We'll leave any desired cleaning for the next owner. Due to condition item is sold "AS IS"

Taken from http://antiquedress.blogspot.com/