Short Bob Hairstyles Fall Winter 2009-2008

Short hairstyles are the name of the day now and men and women are opting for it without a question. With most face shapes being suitable to short bob hairstyles, many women also prefer these hairstyles due to comfort and time saving that these offer. A short bob hairstyle also offers protection from environmental damage like bad hair days and split ends caused due to exposure to sunlight. In case of curly hair, one can also opt for long spiral curves that can overlap the crown hair.

Short hairstyles for women

Even celebrities like Ellen Barkin have got the latest in short bob haircuts and they even look elegant and smart at red carpet events. With a short swept fringe at the top, Ellen looks hot and stylish with this haircut. A fringe suits a short bob hairstyle as it suits most other styles perfectly. It adds a lot of character and also helps in facial framing. Another prime example of a hot and sexy short bob hairstyle is Rihanna who comes to the David Letterman show. Being young and sexy, the hairstyle also adds a lot of charm to her character on the show.

Short bob hairstyles for women

With more and more celebrities opting for short hairstyles, the short bob has come to the limelight for most women. This style not only makes them look smarter but also cuts down on grooming times and maintenance. To get one for yourself, all you need to consider is your face shape and suitability of skin tone. Although, this hairstyle suits most women, getting one is a matter of choice. Overall, the short bob hairstyle is her to stay for some time to come.

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