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Katy Perry to judge on American Idol

Until a permanent replacement is found for America Idol judge Paula Abdul, guest judges will be making up the fourth member of the panel it has been announced. Katy Perry is the latest celebrity to be revealed as a guest judge, the day after Victoria Beckham was also confirmed for the role. Fox chairman Peter Rice told the press this week: "We love Paula. She's been a really wonderful part of the show for eight years."

There are no signs that any of these guest judges will take on the role full-time: "We'll have these guest judges do one week each during the audition [period]... there is no thought right now that any of these judges will be long term judges for us," Rice said. "All of the people we are talking to have successful careers. I don't even think they'd be available to judge full-time. We have now until January to introduce a new energy to the panel."

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