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Vintage-style Evening Wear

Earlier eras saw fashions that embraced every form. Women tended to be larger than is considered the fashion today and clothes were created with that in mind. Of course, women also wore heavy foundation garments that sucked in stomachs and push up breasts, but clothes were still designed to fit and flatter. Modern re-creations of vintage dresses make for beautiful and unique evening wear; timeless garments that can be worn time and again.

Here are some noteworthy designers creating plus-size vintage-style dresses:

  • Stop Staring: Stores catering to rockabilly chicks will carry some of Stop Staring’s line, but you’ll do best to shop on their Web site, Stop Staring Clothing. Designer Alicia Estrada, who isn’t skinny but loves beautiful clothes, has fashioned a range of fun, sexy and elegant dresses in styles mostly from the 1930s to the 1950s. While not all the dresses are listed on the retail site, you can go to the wholesale site to see what’s available and then contact Stop Staring and special order the dress you want in your size. They are very helpful and fill orders quickly.


  • Nataya: Available via the Vintage Style Clothing Web site, these elegant and romantic dresses are reminiscent of eras ranging from the 1910s through the 1940s. Many are detailed with tulle, lace, satin and delicate embroidery.

  • Revamp: Revamp Vintage is another specialty shop that makes gorgeous reproductions in larger sizes and will do custom orders. There is nothing like having a dress made exactly to your measurements to assure a flattering fit.

Shop for Designer Vintage

Whether you have a couture consignment shop near you or just look up “designer vintage” online, there is a world of vintage designer plus size evening wear waiting to be snapped up! Gowns from the 1930s through to the 1950s, which were cut on the bias and allowed for generous figures are the most flattering. Dior, Valentino and other desirable designers made clothes to fit all bodies and you can often find gowns at good prices. Don’t stop there, indulge yourself in vintage-inspired shoes and hair ornaments too. You’ll be the belle of the ball..

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