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scene/emo girl: Sabrina -welcome our new friend

Name: Sabrina Tsanya Day
Style: more of the scene/emo look
Orientation: a proud bisexual!
Location: i am with the polar bears in alaska!!!!!
well a little about me! i am young! 14 to be exact!
i love to change my hair and styles. i mainly text, its my life! haha!
i am a pretty average girl, living in a boring world, waiting to be unleashed!
im a girl who cant wait to be let go and i am going to do my own thing
i love music, i play guitar and am not very good. but it is my life
music gives me enough reason to breathe and keep living as i need
its always there and is stable. alot better then any relationship i have ever been in lol!
my makeup everday is very basic. i just put on a little bit of eyeliner on my lover lid and some mascara.
maybe a little powder foundation and i am good :)

emo scene girl
emo scene girl

emo scene girl

emo scene girl

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